CuteLoop - Customer in the Loop

Using Networked Devices enabled Intelligence for Proactive Customers Integration as Drivers of the Integrated Enterprise


The strategic objective of CuteLoop was to explore how Intelligent Networked Devices such as enhanced RFID-based systems and Global Navigation Satellite Systems, can be used to effectively "integrate customers within an Integrated Enterprise" and with this to provide an important step towards a highly Integrated Real Time Enterprise.

It was intended to realise a novel software/ service approach for promoting and facilitating the realisation of highly flexible and dynamic business interconnections for agile coordination in business networks, having customers as key drivers. Moreover, the project was aiming at research on distributed and asynchronous interaction of actors and exchange of knowledge among Large Enterprises (LEs), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and customers.

The CuteLoop project was funded by the European Commission in the scope of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) programme - Objective ICT-2007-1.3: ICT in support of the networked enterprise. CuteLoop was started at February, 1st 2008 and lasted 39 months up to April, 30th 2011.

CuteLoop was carried out by a European consortium, covering expertise from RTD, ICT and industry. The partners are located in six different countries in the European Union: France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom (with subsidiaries in additional 7 European countries - Austria, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Spain and the Czech Republic, as well as with offices world-wide). Moreover, the membership based partners in the CuteLoop consortium are including around 1.000 members, which are located all over Europe as well as in the other continents.